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Don Dutkowski quit smoking at the age of 52

Donald F. Dutkowski was born in Regina Canada and graduated from Kitsilano High in Vancouver Canada.
  He dropped oil paint at The Vancouver School of Art, then Kalbfus College in Rochester New York.

A past member of the Royal Photographic Society - London England,  The Photographic Society of America,
 and a Founding Member of the Professional Photographers Association of British Columbia.

Don was Knighted by the "Universal Order, Knights Of The Vine, Society de Testavin"
for his book "The Canadian Winemakers' Guide" and other contributions he made to that industry.
Why this should be an aid to his art works no one can tell.

Don traveled extensively producing many images of the famous and not so famous
 for many individuals as well as International Companies.

Some Of The Famous and Not So -
Sheila Walsh,   entertainer
Team Canada,   Olympics
Bruno Gerussi,   entertainer
Robert Clothier,   entertainer
Michael Harcourt,   Premier of B.C.
Jimmy Pattison,  business executive
Frank E. Peretti,   professional lecturer and novelist
The Gaither Band,   entertainers
Buddy Green,  entertainer
Mr. & Mrs. Hugo  Eppich,  business executives
Manfre Werner,     Secretary General of NATO
Zig Zigler,  professional lecturer
Marvin Matthews,  entertainer
Jim Henderson,    creator of the muppetts
Honourable D. Rogers,   Lieutenant Governor of B. C.
Honourable David Lam,   Lieutenant Governor of B. C.
Miss Richmond & contestants - 1984 to 1991 inclusive
Larnelle Harris,   entertainer
John Horton,  artist
Laurie Fung,   Olympic Gold Medalist
Jackson Davies,      actor
Tiffany Kroll (Warner Studios),     entertainer
Robert Bateman,     artist
Alison Arngrim - (Little House),     actor, entertainer
Honourable Ramon John Hnatyshyn,   Governor General of Canada
David Young,   artist
W.Vander Zalm,   Premier of B.C.
Charlotte Diamond,   entertainer
Danny Kaye,   entertainer
Sammy Davis Jr.,   entertainer
Jimmy Durante,   entertainer
Louis Armstrong,   entertainer
Paul Desmond,   musician
Dave Brubeck,   musician
The Modern Jazz Quartet
Sarah Vaughan,   singer
Ella Fitzgerald,   singer
Fraser McPherson Quartet
Jack Webster,   broadcaster
Frankie Laine,   singer
Dal Richards & His Orchestra
W.A.C.     Bennett, Premier og  B.C.
Dizzy Gillespie,   entertainer
Vancouver Symphony Orchestra
Dom Sabastiani,   enologist
Robert Mondavi,   enologist
H.R.H.     Aga Khan,     royalty
W.  (Bill) Bennett, Premier of B.C.
Jack Cullen,    broadcaster
Lance Harrison and Band
Prince Mara of Fiji,      royalty
Reverend Alfred R. Laing
Cohn Foo,    artist, actor
Mel Torme,   entertainer
Raymond Chow,  artist, musician
Hilton Cheong-Leen,   Mayor of Hong Kong
Michael Duncan,   artist
Sir R. Monte Worthington,     nobility
John Denver,   entertainer
Preston Manning,   statesman
The Irish Rovers &  Band
 John Turner & family,    politician
Prime Minister Muldoon, Prime Minister of New Zealand  1983
Miss Universe -  (New Zealand) 1983  Lorraine Downes
All of the stars of the television soap 'General Hospital"
The Oakridge Boys,   entertainers
Reverend I. D. Murdoch,   clergy
The Society of Seven,   entertainers
Monica Schnarre,     World Model
Mother Teresa
David Barrett, Premier of B.C.
Margaret Segal,    business executive "my daughter the president"
Murray Brisker,   "Mr. Super Lotto", actor
Carman,     entertainer
Guy Dowd,   professional lecturer
Debbie Fortnum,  Gospel singer
Paula DeWitt,   Musician
Paul Haupfner,    Violinist
Sharon Gaetz, (Mayor) - Chilliwack
Gordon Campbell,   Premier of  B.C.
Helen Fathers,  (Councillor) - White Rock
Lynne Sinclair,  (Councillor) - White Rock
Catherine Ferguson,
Exec. Director W.R.& S.Surrey Hospice Society
Wayne Baldwin, (Mayor) White Rock

Dons works have been exhibited internationally, and are in collections
 in England, France, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, China,
Korea, Canada, the USA, and in Mexico.

~~~  On Location Portraiture  ~~~

Don charges $200.00 per Hour, or part thereof.
(Creative Intervies & Consultation, Preplanning, Camera, Computer, and Talent Fee all included.)
(You get one Hi Resolution C.D. of your Images)

Don works "On Location" in Chilliwack ONLY!

Each Finished Portrait Is Signed By The Artist ~ Don Dutkowski 
Additional High Resolution C.D. Disks containing your Images (in J.P.E.G. format)                $25.00 each

 Your 8X10 Black & White Portrait on Polymar Plastic/Paper  ( Printed "In House")        $25.00 each

Don lives and works in the progressive City of Chilliwack  B.C. Canada.
THE City of Chilliwack is located East of Vancouver,
in the Beautiful Fraser Valley.


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